If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’re probably working hard to build a successful business, yet have nothing legal in place to protect the business you’re working so hard to build.

You’re at risk – at risk of losing clients, of losing revenue and even at risk of potentially getting sued or shut down because you’re not running a LEGAL and LEGIT business.

This doesn’t make sense does it?

Of course not.


• You’re a coach, consultant, or entrepreneur. Or,  you  have an online business and you’re not 100% sure if your business is safe, secured, and protected.


 You’re avoiding the costs of legal and waiting until something goes wrong before you think it’s time to get legal with your business.


• You’re on Facebook asking legal questions about your business instead of booking a legal consultation call with an attorney. 


• You have zero contracts in place for your business, and are 100% exposed.


You have some legal documents that you did yourself or pulled off the internet, and have no idea if an attorney drafted the agreement and if you’re protected.


• Your contracts with clients are null and void because of how you’re executing them, which means people don’t have to pay  you!


• Your website is not legal - you have no Privacy Policy or Terms of Conditions on your website.


• You’re making money in your business but not a penny of what you’re making is protected because you don’t have a Trademark and you are exposed.


• When it comes to legal matters for your business, you’re either clueless or find legal confusing or too expensive.


If you’re reading this and saying “YES! That’s me!” then this list is for you.


You see so many coaches and entrepreneurs leave legal out of their business without realizing how damaging this actually is.

When you’re not legally protecting your business, you’re completely out of energetic alignment with your business and the Universe. You’re also not giving the business the right tools to succeed. As a result, you’re not going to attract the clients you desire.

But once you start running a LEGAL and LEGIT business, you’ll start attracting more dream clients and more money with ease!

…REALIZE just how much you’re putting yourself, your business and your personal assets at risk, and stop.

…KNOW exactly what you’re doing wrong in your business, stop it, and start doing the correct things.

…REALIZE just how much you’re leaving money on the table by not having legal structures in place.

KNOW exactly which essential legal contracts and policies you need to be using to not only protect yourself, but ensure you get PAID.


I’ve been a lawyer now for nearly two decades practicing almost exclusively business, corporate and IP Law.

It all began in the courtroom in downtown Miami. I started my legal career as a commercial litigator litigating exclusively breach of contract cases for two years, and I absolutely hated it.

I remember one day getting back to my office after being in court, walking into my former boss’s office just so over it.

I told him, “Mitchell, I’m so over this! This is not what I signed up for when you hired me. I told you I wanted to do transactional work. Practice international law. I want to draft and negotiate contracts. Do deals.”

Mitchell asked me what happened in court, and I told him.

He then said to me, “Wani, I know you can’t stand going to court. You hate it with a passion. I can see that. But notice all the cases you have. They’re all breach of contract cases.

I KNOW you want to do only transactional work, and are the happiest when I give you those files. But how on earth are you going to learn how to write a damn good contract WITHOUT knowing what makes a crappy one to begin with?!?

Woman! I’m training you to do exactly what you want to do BUT to be the best at it!”

I never looked at litigation the same way. And it is within this spirit that I, through Where Inspiration Meets Law™, have created what I believe to be the best resource for your business to be successful, and by producing the best contract templates in the market for your business to thrive.  .

--Wani Iris Manly, Esq., Founder, Where Inspiration Meets Law™


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